Nepal earthquake: crashed US helicopter found

The wreckage of a US military helicopter that went missing in Nepal has been found, the Nepalese army says.

The helicopter went missing earlier this week though delivering aid close the Chinese member happening, when six US marines and two Nepali soldiers regarding the train.

Maj Gen Binoj Basnet told AFP agency that it was not known if there were any survivors.

The editor of the Nepal Times, Kunda Dixit, said the wreckage was found 56km (35 miles) from Kathmandu.

Mr Dixit said the helicopter was found almost hillside near the village of Kalinchok, at an height of 3,383m (11,100 feet).

The helicopter went missing in the hours after an earthquake measuring 7.3 struck concerning Tuesday.

The quake came on speaking two weeks after an earlier one killed on summit of 8,000 people.

The marines had been vivacious in the vicinity of Charikot, a village that has been hit difficult, a spokesman for the US Pacific Command said.

The helicopter had been flying from Kathmandu airstrip as portion of the US Operation "Sahayogi Haat", which means "helping hand" in Nepali.
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